Metabo 18-Gauge 1/4 In. Crown 1-1/2 In. Finish Stapler


SKU: 38043
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1-1/2' stapler is the ideal tool for internal and external trim, furniture, cabinet work, and other finish applications. Accepts 1/2' to 1-1/2' 18-gauge, 1/4' crown staples. Selective actuation switch lets the user conveniently select bump fire actuation for quick stapling when precise placement is not required. By flipping the switch, the user transitions to sequential fire for exact staple placement. Well-balanced and lightweight. Durable elastomer-grip adds comfort while preventing slippage. Loading and reloading staples is easy with a top load magazine. Staples are visibly exposed so that blank drives are avoided. Stapler features a tool-less, easy-to-clear nose for quick and simple extraction should a staple jam during use. Engineered with a rear mounted safety and a short center height to allow for staple placement and easy visibility in hard-to-reach areas and tight corners. Simple turn of the depth of drive dial allows the user to easily adjust the drive depth, accommodating woods of varying density for appropriate holding power based on the application. No-mar tip on the nose protects the work surface from scarring and denting. Easy-to-use 360 deg (degree) adjustable exhaust port keeps dust, debris, and oil off the work surface and away from the user. Includes safety glasses, no-mar tip, case.

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