Allway 2-1/2″ Soft Grip Wood Scraper, 4 Edge (No File), Carded


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The 2 ½” Soft Grip Wood Scraper is exactly what you need for wood scraping and painting jobs. It features a camber-ground blade with two edges for aggressive scraping and two for rough scraping. The edges can be sharpened with a blade file for lasting efficiency during long-term projects. This versatile wood scraper is designed with a dual-molded soft-grip handle for fatigue-free, comfortable use.

Use for wood scraping and painting jobs
2 ½” blade with 4-edges
2-edges for rough scraping
2-edges for fine scraping
Exclusive camber ground blade edges
Considerably outperforms competing wood scrapers with straight edges
Soft grip handle for comfort
Sharpen blade edges with blade file during longer project
Blade is made in USA

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