Weber Genesis S-315 Gas Grill (Liquid Propane) (Stainless Steel)


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The 3-burner, stainless-steel Genesis S-315 delivers legendary Weber quality, performance and durability in a grill you can rely on to make outdoor cooking for family and friends easy and enjoyable. The PureBlu burner system sets this grill apart from the pack – featuring unique, tapered burner tubes that generate consistent pressure and flames and deliver even heat across the grilling surface. Flames are directed above the raised gas ports, while food debris falls below, minimizing clogging and ensuring the grill lights every time.

  • PureBlu burners distribute even heat across the entire grate
  • Stainless steel cooking grates heat quickly, are highly durable
  • FLAVORIZER Bars vaporize juices, boosting grilled flavor
  • Grease Management System with pull out grease tray
  • WEBER CRAFTED cooking grates expand grilling techniques


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