GE Ultra Bright LED 150 Watt Replacement A21 General Purpose Bulb

GE Lighting

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GE Ultra Bright bulbs are the perfect lighting solution for illuminating any space with a bright and crisp light. These bulbs provide broad beams of dimmable light that brightens any room and adds a sense of security when the sun goes down. They are built to last, with a lifespan that far exceeds traditional bulbs and minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike CFL bulbs, GE LED bulbs provide instant full brightness and do not contain harmful materials, making them a safer and more convenient choice. Upgrade your lighting to GE Ultra Bright LED for a reliable and energy-efficient solution. 
  • Exceptional Brightness: Provides more light to illuminate large spaces and provide security outdoors
  • 150 Watt replacement using only 22 Watts (2610 lumens)
  • Rated to last 13.7 years with an annual operation cost of 2.65 dollars based on 3 hours per day use at 11 cents per KwH
  • Dimmable and works with most dimmer switches
  • Includes 1 A21 shape and size LED bulb with E26 base and diffuse finish

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