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Concrete Chain Saw 14in. Bar with Diamond Chain

Concrete Chain Saw 14in. Bar with Diamond Chain


New! 695XL Gas-Powered Concrete & Utility Pipe Chain Saw

Deepest, Most Versatile Gas Powered Saw

The new 695XL features include an easy to start engine with higher energy ignition system and durable, long-lasting components including a new muffler, carburetor and piston & cylinder. Available with 14 inch guidebar and MAX series diamond chain. Based on the best-selling 695 saw platform, the 695XL is the highest horsepower ICS gas saw for frequent-use by general construction, utility contractors and concrete professionals.

Rental is for Saw Only. Customer has to purchase the Diamond Chain seperate. 


Engine Type       2-Stroke, Air Cooled

Displacement    94cc (5.7 cu-in)

Horsepower       4.8kW (6.4 hp) @ 9000 rpm

Torque 5.7 Nm (50.4 in-lbs) @ 7200 rpm

Engine Speed    9,300 +/- 150 rpm (max)/2,700 +/- 100 rpm (idle)

Weight 9.5 kg (21 lbs) powerhead only

Dimensions        46cm (18") L x 36cm (14") H x 30cm (12") W

Fuel ratio             2% (50:1) gasoline-to-oil

Fuel Capacity     1 liter (0.26 gallon)

Water Supply Requirement         Minimum: 1.5 bar (20 psi)

Water Flow Requirement             Minimum: 4 lpm (1 gpm)


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