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Insulation Blower, Force 2 Next Generation, Cellulose or Fiberglass

Insulation Blower, Force 2 Next Generation, Cellulose or Fiberglass

  • Manufacturer: Intec
  • Model Number: F/2 NEXT GEN

Intec has further enhanced our popular FORCE/2!

Simple Power Requirements

Powered by two easily accessible 15amp circuits

 High Production Rates

•       96 bags/hr  cellulose; 2400 lbs/hr.

•       23 bags/hr fiberglass; 700 lbs/hr.

•       70 bags/hr rock wool; 2100 lbs/hr

Wheel Kit Enhances Portability

Ratchet strap allows for quick assembly

The FORCE/2 Next Generation still comes with these industry leading components on which it has built its reputation for durability and reliability:

Polyethylene construction:  rust-free, lightweight, and extremely durable.

Urethane seals:  last 2-3X longer than belted rubber providing higher pressures & production rates over time with less maintenance.

Stainless steel airlock plates:  provide long wear life vs. industry standard a

Dimensions- 36.25"D x 44.75"H

Weight (machine only)- 283 lbs

Weight (shipping)- 330 lbs

Production  - 2400 lbs/hr- Cellulose

                  - 700 lbs/hr- Fiberglass

                  - 2100 lbs/hr- Stonewool

Hose Outlet Size- 3"

Hopper Capacity- 9 cu. ft.

Drive motor- 1-1/2 HP 115VAC-15amp input

Transmission- Custom, Direct drive

Airlock- 12" Steel

Blower- 115 VAC -- 15 amp input, two-stage generates 5.5+ psi

*Electrical- 115 VAC / 60 Hz

Power cord- (2) 12/3 x 100' Twist lock