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No need for wheelbarrows, shovels or other hand tools when you roll onto tight jobsites with the Bobcat® MT85 mini track loader. The MT85 goes through gates, doorways or other narrow spaces with ease.

The MT85 offers a performance boost with its improved rated operating capacity, increased breakout force and a 14 percent increase in lift height. The smoother ride leads to less spillage of material during transportation, allowing for faster cleanup at the end of your job. The MT85 increases top travel speeds by 23 percent to help you complete tasks faster.

Kubota L3901 Tractor

MT Stump Grinder Attachment


MT Auger Attachment

Bobcat E26 Mini Exavator

Bobcat T550 with Tracks

Intec has further enhanced our popular FORCE/2!

Simple Power Requirements

Powered by two easily accessible 15amp circuits

 High Production Rates

•       96 bags/hr  cellulose; 2400 lbs/hr.

•       23 bags/hr fiberglass; 700 lbs/hr.

•       70 bags/hr rock wool; 2100 lbs/hr

Wheel Kit Enhances Portability

Ratchet strap allows for quick assembly

The FORCE/2 Next Generation still comes with these industry leading components on which it has built its reputation for durability and reliability:

Polyethylene construction:  rust-free, lightweight, and extremely durable.

Urethane seals:  last 2-3X longer than belted rubber providing higher pressures & production rates over time with less maintenance.

Stainless steel airlock plates:  provide long wear life vs. industry standard a

Bale Spear SkidLoader Attachment

60in. Grapple Rod Bucket attachment

LM1000 Automatic Self-Leveling Rotary Laser
The LaserMark® LMH is conveniently paired with our top-of-the-line LD400 Universal Laser Detector and heavy-duty rod clamp.

Plumb beam for layout work
Scanning feature preset angles of 2º, 20º, 45º and 90º to increase beam visibility.
Out of level audible alarm
Low battery indicator
Two beams - horizontal/vertical beam and plumb up
57-LM1000 - LaserMark LMH1000 Laser; includes 57-LD400 Universal Laser Detector, target, Ni-Cad Battery and Charger, Hard-Shell Case, Batteries, Tri-pod, and Rod

Drywall sheetrock cart

Jack Hammer / Breaker attachment

Using the powerful cutting action of the blades, the Brushcat rotary cutter mulches small branches and saplings, up to 3 in. in diameter, and cuts through the thickest grass and brush. And all while maintaining the proper power-to-blade ratio. A unique flotation linkage system allows the cutter to traverse rough terrain, extending the utility of the attachment.

Walk-behind, 36" trencher bar, discharge auger, These 900-lb. steerable, walk-behind trenchers feature precise wheel control to help eliminate drifting, making them well suited for trenching uneven terrain or hillsides.

Bobcat Auger Attachment

Bobcat Fork Attachment

MT Trencher attachment

Intec’s FORCE/1 processes over 540 pounds of cellulose per hour and weighs 177 pounds. This system allows for ease of transportation to the job site in addition to timely installation of attic

Intec’s highly portable Cyclone processes over 800 pounds of cellulose or 200 pounds of fiberglass per hour while weighing only 142 pounds with our recently enhanced aluminum airlock. This system provides ease of transportation to the job site, in addition to timely installation of attic insulation – less than 1 hour to install R-19 cellulose and under 1-1/2 hours to install R-19 fiberglass in a 1000 square foot attic

10'6" aluminum siding brake

Powder-Actuated Tool DX 460