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  • Manufacturer: Games To Go

Zombie Invasion

 Mission: Blast the Zombies with the Cannonball Air Cannon.

Protect Mother Earth! Safe for all ages

10ft. wide X 10ft. long X 8ft. high

  • Manufacturer: Games To Go

Knock It Off

Knock off the five floating balls with the Gator skin throw balls or use the Foam ball blaster to make it a shooting gallery. Fun for all ages.

9ft. wide X 5ft. long X 7ft. 11in. high

  • Manufacturer: Games To Go

Tee Ball

Swing for the fences, try to hit the floating ball

10ft. wide X 17ft. long X 7ft. 9in. high

  • Manufacturer: Games To Go

Hoops 2

Side by side version of the original Hoops game. Rid your side of the balls Before your opponent.  9ft. 4in.  X 9ft. 4in. X 7ft. 11in. H

Gladiator Joust

Dual your opponent as you try to knock them off their foam pedestalwith a giant foam pugal stick. Headgear included.

23ft. X 25ft.

Inflatable Carnival

You will love the ULTIMATE “5 in 1” carnival game!! It’s the perfect start to hosting your own carnival themed party with the Inflatable Carnival! This inflatable includes 5 games with vibrant artwork that will make any space feel like a carnival. This 5 in 1 also includes built in rings to display prizes.

16ft. X 16ft. X 11ft. 4in. high

  • Manufacturer: Space Walk
  • Model Number: CAS1515

We also have one our castles bounce houses for sale. Call for more information


  • Manufacturer: Space Walk
  • Model Number: Dino1515

What kid doesn't like a DINO? Have fun bouncing in Dino the Friendly Dinosaur!

We also have a Dino bounce house for sale. Call for more information.